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Payday Loan

Payday Loan

•A PayDay Loan is a Short-Term loan until your next payday.
•We give you CASH Instantly!
•Criteria for Pay day Loan:
1) Resident Of Location’s Province (ie. Ontario)
2) 18 years of Age
3) A Checking account with direct deposit pay
4) Two Pieces of Govt. Issued Valid Identification (Photo Id & Signature Id with Current Address)
5) Two Recent pay stubs
6) Recent Bank Statement (At least one month)
7) Cheques from the same account
8) Valid Contact phone Nos. for Work & Home
•Amount You Can Borrow:
1) Normally it’s 30% ~ 50% of your NET Pay but it all depends on your banking activities and pay stub. However, payday loans range from $100 – $1500.
•Repayment Of Loans:
1) On your next payday we usually debit your account for the full loan due ie. the principal and the interest.
2) Borrowers are allowed to cancel payday loan agreements – without penalty – during a two-day cooling-off period.

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